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What is

is a superfood combination of tropical fruits that are very high in phytonutrients and blended with Ashwaganda Herb which is a very important adoptogen as a NERVE-TONIC.
This mixture will be able to improve, help and generate the health of the body physically and emotionally

Great Effect of

In the American tabloid The Pioneer, it is stated that WHO has recognized the Research conducted by KGMU. In the research it was found that the active ingredients namely ashwaganda and mango contain antiviral substances that can be used for prevention and the cure of Covid19.

This means that the two ingredients we use, namely Ashwaganda and mango are really effective in terms of antioxidants and anti-virus. This is the advantage. In fact, Ashwaganda is very famous as an energy supplement since Ayurveda was introduced 2000 years ago.

Ashwaganda and Mango are natural saviors, much better than medical drugs.

It seems to be an agent that prevents viruses from invading our cells.


The Greatness of Ashwaganda Herbs!

Biological Ashwaganda Herbs in Supplements


Material that reduces stress, provides solace and balances.


Substances that stimulates your sexual desire.


Increases the formation and production of urine.




Substances that burn and increase metabolism.


Substances that can constrict blood vessels.


Prevents joint inflammation.


Substances that strengthen the body system.


Substances capable of killing worms or parasites.


Substances that treat inflammation.

Why do you need to consume


Various diseases such as:

and more....

Are these symptoms common?

Consumption of (Ashwaganda) and a combination of a mixture of tropical fruits and sunnah foods can help relieve these symptoms and support the well-being of a YOUNG person.

Advantage of


can help generate better health?

Compared to other products, the effectiveness of can be measured through the health screening called the Blood Morphology Test. With its rich and high content of anti-oxidants it can help produce beautiful and normal red blood cells.
Floating on its own means these blood cells are full of Oxygen that the body needs.

It can also detoxify toxins and diseases through its blood plasma.

See pictures before and after 15 to 20 minutes of taking 1 sachet ..
Significant changes you can witness where is real supplements helps ensure good health.

The special thing about is that it has the active ingredient of Ashwaganda Root Herb blend as a Nerve Tonic.

You can get various benefits when this combination of Fitronutrients from Tropical fruits, Honey, Black Seed and Ashwaganda herbs that is used as your daily supplement.

...and Trusted by more than


Users within the first 3 Months Only!

KYOOR is produced in a facility that adopts a safe & clean manufacturing system, and is certified under the MOH & Halal JAKIM.
KKM : 040221/01/125 / JAKIM 700-2/3/1 116-02/2021


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The difference can be felt in the body with as early as 3 sachets. If you do a Blood Morphology Test under a microscope, most of the clients can see changes in the shape of their blood cells after just consuming 1 sachet.

Anyone facing problems like ..

🎯Low endurance (Physical and Mental)
🎯Anxiety problems (extreme anxiety)
🎯Often Forgetful
🎯Always feeling tired and lifeless
🎯Problem of not being able to sleep at night (Insomnia)
🎯Body pain, joint pain
🎯Headaches, Migraines
🎯“Bland” sex. The mood is gone. (Low libido)
🎯Difficult to concentrate
🎯Various non -communicable diseases encountered:
– Cancer
– diabetes
– high blood pressure
– Anemia
– Heart disease and so on.

🎯Related to internal problems of the female uterus such as problems of unstable periods, weak uterus.

In 1 box there is 14 sachets. You are recommended to take 1 sachet a day.
If you have more severe health problems, or more severe chronic mental health problems you may consume 2 sachets a day.

Please consult your medical doctor before taking any supplements.


Empty the sachet under your tongue until the powder permeates. (sublingual gland)

The first way:
– Taken preferably on an empty stomach.
( in the morning )

The second way:
– Taken 1 hour after meal time.
(recommended for those with gastritis or flatulence)

The third way:
– Consume before bedtime.

What do you need to KNOW?

Consume KYOOR 4 hours before if you are a COFFEE drinker
or taking any form of medicines from the Clinic / Hospital.

Drink enough water
1 liter of water is equalevent to 25kg of your weight.

Unless you are on dialysis treatment, drink water according to the prescribed level.

1. Not suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers.

2. Children aged 5 years and above can take 1/4 sachet of Kyoor a day.

3. Those with G6PD

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Research on ingredients used in Kyoor.

Additional info on Benefits of Ashwaganda.